“The sound of water says what I think”

I envisioned the Water series paintings as subjects to induce an immersive experience of quieting the mind, feeling the physical, and flowing with the spirit.

Using materials like gesso and concrete, I created unconscious, organic textures, that I put paint on to let the paint flow within the cracks and creases of the textures.

The result was pictures that reflected the beauty and self-ness of nature allowing the viewer’s mind to endlessly wander silently, as they discover new patterns.

“Water” was the subject of my first solo exhibition in 2023 in Mexico City, where I further elaborated on this concept by installing a 9-speaker audio installation using cascading recordings of water moving around the room in varying patterns and tones in frequencies scientifically proven to quiet the mind. I ended the night with an improvisation along with the sound installation on acoustic guitar using one speaker for pure reverb, letting the hollowness of the guitar echo and bellow through the gallery walls.

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