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Alexander Grawoig

Artist Statement

No creator, only creating; no composer, only composing. Alexander is constantly looking at water and stone, contemplating that they are both alive and changing with their own self-ness. There is more and more distance from feeling that he (I) is in control of the creative process. Instead, he lets water (which is him too) guide the process, he interacts with the water.

There is no “nature” or “outside world”. There is only him (me). There is only each of us. It is all a part of him. So he & the water & the materials play, knowing the painting has to exist and it always will exist, just like every thought, just like everything.


Alexander Grawoig (b.1988, USA) is a self taught artist. Since 2008 he has been releasing critically acclaimed music on record labels such as Leaving Records, Preservation, Superior Viaduct, and Shelter Press, performing under aliases including D/P/I & Deep Magic and as a touring member of Sun Araw.

Alexander started painting seriously in 2022 and has since been included in Mexico City’s Art Week, held a solo exhibition called “Water”, and has participated in several group shows in Mexico City. He currently lives and works in Merida, Mexico.

Selected Exhibitions

February 2024 / Quipo Art Fair, Art Week CDMX
February 2024 / Clavo Art Fair, Art Week CDMX
December 2023 / Clandestina Art Fair, Miami, FL, USA
March 2023 / Group Show: Obra Gris, CDMX
February 2023 / Solo Exhibition “Water”, Finca Don Porfirio, CDMX
March 2018 / Quadraphonic Performance at NRML, Bosque de Chapultapec, CDMX


Alexander is 100% self taught.

Professional Experience

2022-Present: Course Creator, Udemy (Merida, Mexico)
2021-2022: Co-Founder/VP of Marketing, ListKit (Remote)
2019-2021: Founder, GrowthBoost (Mexico City, Mexico)
2015-2021: Managing Director/Co-Founder, CREA Studio (Los Angeles, CA)
2011-2015: Touring Member of Sun Araw (Los Angeles, CA)
2005-2019: Head of Digital, Channel Islands Design (Oxnard, CA)


English (Native)
Spanish (Conversational)

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