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Alexander Grawoig

Artist Statement

No creator, only creating; no composer, only composing. Alexander brings forth beauty in the form of paintings and sounds with no training. Reason and doubt do not penetrate the realm of nonsense. Reason is a prison. Doubt is blind belief. I choose to play in the realm of nonsense, where I allow my true being to express freely.


Alexander Grawoig (b.1988, USA) is a self taught artist. Since 2008 he has been releasing critically acclaimed music on record labels such as Leaving Records, Preservation, Superior Viaduct, and Shelter Press, performing under aliases including D/P/I & Deep Magic and as a touring member of Sun Araw.

Alexander started painting seriously in 2022 and has since been included in Mexico City’s Art Week, held a solo exhibition called “Water”, and has participated in several group shows in Mexico City. He currently lives and works in Merida, Mexico.

Selected Exhibitions

February 2024 / Quipo Art Fair, Art Week CDMX
February 2024 / Clavo Art Fair, Art Week CDMX
December 2023 / Clandestina Art Fair, Miami, FL, USA
March 2023 / Group Show: Obra Gris, CDMX
February 2023 / Solo Exhibition “Water”, Finca Don Porfirio, CDMX
March 2018 / Quadraphonic Performance at NRML, Bosque de Chapultapec, CDMX


Alexander is 100% self taught.

Professional Experience

2022-Present: Course Creator, Udemy (Merida, Mexico)
2021-2022: Co-Founder/VP of Marketing, ListKit (Remote)
2019-2021: Founder, GrowthBoost (Mexico City, Mexico)
2015-2021: Managing Director/Co-Founder, CREA Studio (Los Angeles, CA)
2011-2015: Touring Member of Sun Araw (Los Angeles, CA)
2005-2019: Head of Digital, Channel Islands Design (Oxnard, CA)


English (Native)
Spanish (Conversational)

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